What is Insurable Interest in Life Insurance? Understanding Insurable Interest

What is Insurable Interest in Life Insurance

You need insurable interest when the policy starts. This step ensures the policy’s purpose is genuine. But once the life insurance policy is active, you don’t need to maintain the insurable interest for the whole policy duration. Examples of Insurable Interest Here are some examples: Legal Side of Insurable Interest The laws about insurable interest … Read more

Does Insurance Cover Life Flight?

Does Insurance Cover Life Flight

Travel insurance can cover Life Flight services, especially if you’re traveling far or to places off the beaten path. This is great for those who love adventures. What’s Covered Travel insurance plans are different, but they often cover emergency air evacuations like Life Flight if you get hurt or sick on your trip. Always check … Read more

How to Get Whole Life Insurance?  Choosing the Right Insurance Company

How to Get Whole Life Insurance

Financial Strength Pick a company that is financially strong. This way, you know they’ll pay claims when needed. Check ratings from A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. Customer Care Good customer service matters. Go for companies known for being responsive and helpful. Policy Choices Make sure the insurer offers a variety of policies and add-ons … Read more

Is Globe Life Insurance Good For Seniors? Understanding Term Life Insurance

Is Globe Life Insurance Good For Seniors

Low Coverage Limits One downside is that the maximum coverage amounts are quite low, which might not be enough for everyone’s needs. Rising Costs with Age As you get older, the premiums can go up, which might become difficult to manage over time. Policy Rules and Exceptions There are some rules and exceptions in the … Read more

What if I lost my health insurance card?

what if I lost my health insurance card

Losing your health insurance card can indeed cause concern. It serves as proof of your insurance coverage, a crucial requirement when seeking medical services. Misplacing this card can lead to confusion and stress, especially when you need to access healthcare services. If you lose your health insurance card, don’t panic. First, contact your insurance provider … Read more